YouTube, Gmail, Google Search are now back up after an hour-long outage- Technology News, Firstpost

(Editor’s note: This article has been updated after Google Drive and YouTube confirmed that they are now up and running.)

Several Google services like Gmail, YouTube, Google Search and other apps are currently down for many users in India and they took it to Twitter to report the issues they were facing. Apparently, this outage is not limited to users in India, in fact, users from other countries have also raised their concern on Twitter. Users reported that the YouTube page shows a monkey that has the caption “Something went wrong”. The Gmail page shows a message that says “Gmail is currently unable to access your Contacts. You may experience issues while this persists.”

Google Drive had earlier acknowledged that the Drive was down. After an hour, Google Drive has given a green signal as it tweeted, “We’re all clear folks.” Similarly, YouTube has also announced that users can now access YouTube as it is now running.

Google services including search engine, Youtube and Gmail face outage.

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